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Cancer Prevention Clinic

Our Cancer Prevention Clinic is directed by Dr. Shelly Nakamura. Dr. Nakamura, a fellowship trained breast surgeon, offers a service dedicated to educating patients about their risk of developing breast cancer and creating a strategy to reduce their risk or at least allow early detection. Patients who would benefit from her evaluation and continued follow-up include patients with: genetic mutations (BRCA, CHEK2, etc.), strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer, previous biopsies showing atypical hyperplasia (ADH, LDH) or lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS), dense breast tissue, and previous radiation exposure during childhood. Dr. Nakamura’s team will include genetic counselors, medical oncologists, and gynecologic oncologists who will assist in reassuring patients that a greater understanding of risk can be transformed into an effective plan for detection and prevention.

Her goal is to empower patients with increased awareness and provide advanced surveillance through:

  • Risk assessment with genetic testing or calculation with statistical models
  • Discussing the option of risk reduction through preventative surgery or use of antiestrogens as well as lifestyle changes
  • Optimizing imaging surveillance with MRI and ultrasound
  • Providing regular detailed clinical exams through regular office follow-ups

After years of surgically treating breast cancer, Dr. Nakamura is eager to focus her expertise on counselling patients on its prevention. She completed her Breast Surgery Oncology fellowship at the University of Southern California with the nationally renowned breast surgeon, Dr. Melvin Silverstein and contributed a chapter in his book. She graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine and completed General Surgery residency at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia.